Improve Client Engagement with These Effective SEO Tips

In order to improve client engagement on your website, you have to take proactive action now so that the visitors are more likely to take the desired action and help to increase your online presence. These changes that you need to make to your website are not designed to offer quick results that will game the search engines, they are designed to allow you to build a solid foundation and grow your following steadily over the long-haul.

Charleston SEOConsider the following Charleston SEO techniques that will improve your client engagement anywhere;

Place a sign-up box on the home page on the left side of the page. The majority of websites place it on the right, so visitors have in a sense become blind to even seeing it. By placing it somewhere other than expected, you will engage the client more easily.

At the end of every article you post should be a comment section. Not only should you allow all comments, you should be checking in on a regular basis and interacting with everyone. There are going to be a ton of lurkers watching how you conduct business that you will never see.

At the beginning of each post on your website should be social media buttons. Don’t put just Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because you use those platforms, keep in mind many of your users make use of a ton of other platforms instead. Include, Google+ and Pinterest, two fast growing social platforms.

Client engagement is all about making your presence known on a regular basis, so it you can handle it, place a live messaging box on your website to answer questions and concerns in real-time. Not only can this help you to get more sales faster, you are going to look more professional and the visitor will remember this when they are ready to order.

The navigation bar on your website allows visitors to get to the information that they need fast. If you try to get to content and it takes more that a few clicks, clean up the navigation bar and make it so they get there in a single click. Time is money, and if buyers get frustrated, they are going elsewhere and shopping at your competition.

Place a suggestions section on your website and encourage visitors to comment about items they would like to see on your website, or improvements that can be made. This is like getting free consulting from those in the best position to know about what they want.

Tips for a Successful Boat Trip with Your Passengers

When you are taking people out on your boat, the name of the game is being prepared. If you take the time to prepare for a number of scenarios in advance, you have a better chance of getting through the day without issue.

Here are things to consider before getting everyone in your boat for a day of fun and sun on the water brought to us by the leading sea ray boats for sale listing site on the net –;

1. Plan your trip accordingly so that someone knows where you are heading and they can check in when you don’t arrive back by a predetermined time.

2. Know where all the fuel stations are along your route for the day. Fill up before you head out, then keep track of their locations because if one runs out of fuel, you need to find a close station before you do the same and wind up stranded at see.

3. Be sure every person on the boat including yourself has and is wearing a life jacket. There are no exceptions to this rule, lives are at stake.

4. If you have not had the boat maintained in a while, let a skilled mechanic give the entire boat a good once over. The last thing you want to experience is mechanical failure miles out to see.

5. Be certain you have all your paperwork in a plastic waterproof bag in the event you have to show them to the authorities.

6. Have a charged phone on board, or better yet, a satellite phone that will get a signal if you are lost at sea or have trouble miles from the shore. The phone could be your online life line to get help before things go from bad to much worse.

7. Charts are changing constantly, so don’t assume that you know your route just because you traveled that way for a while.

8. If you haven’t already, now might be a good time to go to a boat safety class and get familiar with all the possible scenarios that could take place out on the water. Your passengers are depending on you, and many have little or no experience with boating.

9. Bring plenty of water, snacks, food, sun tan lotion, and a first aid kit in case anyone is injured while on your boat.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to be prepared for time on the water, you and your passengers will have a much better time and you will be prepared for anything that could go wrong too.


How a Realtor is Invaluable When House Shopping

It doesn’t matter if it is a sellers or buyers market, when you are in the market for a home you need all the help you can get to lock up the house of your dreams. Too many people think going at it alone or with any realtor they know will work, then quickly get discouraged when the house of their dreams gets bought out from under them. That was because the other couples had more aggressive and knowledgeable realtors working hard to close the deals.

Charleston Luxury Real EstateHere are a few reasons from a Charleston Luxury Real Estate provider (Premier One) telling why you need the best local realtor at your side when house hunting:

Your realtor is going to discuss with you at length the house type you desire and make sure to start the search immediately. They will schedule showings of available houses right out of the gate so you get into as many qualifying houses in the shortest time.

Buy a home and get commission rebates, it really could not be easier. Just be sure that you inquire with the real estate agent before you sign anything. This is a cut of their hard earned pay, a generous offering for doing business with them.

Each day, the best local realtor is up at dawn scouring the MLS listings for new houses that fit your criteria and scheduling showings so you are some of the first people to see the house. Your realtor also knows when offers come in too, so they can help you to get moving faster so you can present your own offer before the seller commits to anything.

The best local realtor understands that in a sellers market, you can not play games with offers because the seller will simply wait out the best offer. They will instruct you that if this is the house of your dreams, you have to make an offer that does not insult the seller so they can close the deal with you amicably.

One of the biggest advantages to working with the best local realtor is that they are going to take care of all the details of the buying process so all you do is listen and follow their instructions. They will present the offer to the sellers, they will schedule home inspections, they will contact the closing attorney, schedule the closing, and provide you all the details you need to make this a seamless and painless transaction.

Working with the best local real estate agent will not only put you in the position of finding your dream house, it will make certain you have the best chance to beat out other buyers and get into that house in as little time as possible too.